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Africa 2019 Project

Alliance for Mozambique

Access to drinking water is a serious problem in many regions of Mozambique and as a consequence, the infant mortality rate is very high.

There are 15 million people living below the poverty line!

Millions of children are struggling to survive!

Our intention is to promote the implementation of infrastructure for access to clean water and bring medical care to regions of extreme poverty in Mozambique.

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Clean Water Project inMaratane/Mozambique

Clean Water Project inMarracuene/Mozambique

Projetct progress

Volunteer Luciana Paiva (@lude_paiva) is an Environmental Engineer and has been following the progress of the projects at the Maratane Refugee Camp in Mozambique.

This work will benefit the local community, a small school and a small rising subsistence co-operative whose goal is to raise poultry.

Images of the progress of the aviary project, designed by volunteer Daniella Pina (@daniella_pina).

Mozambique needs urgent help

Help Mozambique

Mozambique is now in a state of calamity.

On March 14, with winds of up to 170 km / h, a Cyclone caused great damage in the region of the port city of Beira, leaving hundreds of thousands of homeless.

The risk of an epidemic of cholera and other diseases is imminent.

Source: g1.globo.com


Mozambique needs help.

We have friends who live in Mozambique who are working to support the victims of the catastrophe.

We know people who are serious and dedicated to the Mozambican people, like the staff of the REVIVA ONG that is committed to emergency actions.


Get to know: reviva.org.br