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Any amount collected from the shirts are to fund the   Mozambique Alliance Project

Sensitized with the difficulties of the Mozambican people, Mato Grosso's artist Adriano Figueiredo Ferreira donated the image of his work Tree Soul to be printed on T-shirts of the Mozambique Alliance Project, whose purpose is to implement infrastructure for access to drinking water and to provide medical care in the poorest regions of our sister nation.

About the value:

In the direct sale each shirt comes out for R$ 50,00 and in the WEB Platform for R$ 55,00 with possibility of billing parceled in the card.

If you prefer, make a donation of any value

"The work Tree Soul is a valuable gift and says much of the feeling I have for the Mozambican people, because in the brief time I was in Mozambique, among the experiences I lived, I was struck by their relationship with the trees, because it is in the shade of a cashew tree or hose that life happens, women, with their children close to the body wrapped in a capulana, take care of food, children play and learn to read and write.

And it was under a tree that I concluded that the important thing of life is to be able to live with dignity"


Sany Cardoso

Human Alliance Network

Africa 2019 Project

Alliance for Mozambique


Access to drinking water is a serious problem in many regions of Mozambique and as a consequence, the infant mortality rate is very high.

There are 15 million people living below the poverty line!

Millions of children are struggling to survive!

Our intention is to promote the implementation of infrastructure for access to clean water in regions of extreme poverty in Mozambique.

If you would like to know more, please contact us.


If you prefer, make a donation of any value

New partner...

Sculptor Tchello Santos donated a work of art for the project

Know our Purpose, visit us at the Exhibition #VGART19 in Várzea Grande Shopping